How do I get an appointment with you?

Appointments can be made for any day of the week via the website’s Contact/Book page. After you’ve provided the requested information, we will contact you to set up your personal styling session,

How long does a styling session take?

Your styling session will take approximately 1-2 hours, depending on your needs and schedule. Over a casual chat and drink, we’ll talk to the finer details of your life (how and where you work, play, travel, etc.). This helps to determine the type of garment best suited to your personality, complexion and lifestyle (design, cut, fabric, weight, etc.). We’ll take your measurements and photos for our tailors in Italy to best sculpt the clothing to your posture and body shape.

How long until my order arrives?

The turnaround from your styling session to taking your Suit home takes approximately 8-10 weeks. Shirts are typically delivered in around 6 weeks, and Leather/Casual outerwear around 8 weeks. You can’t rush quality, and you can’t beat the exceptional and fine detail we put into every one of our suits.

What’s the likelihood I’ll run into someone wearing the same suit?

The only way that could happen is by running into yourself in a mirror. Or your double from another universe, but even then there’s very little chance your suits would be identical. We take pride in making hand-cut patterns, which means each garment will vary slightly in it's own way. Every Calder suit is tailored just for you: your shape, your lifestyle, your personality. You may recognise a Calder suit out on the street one day, but it won’t be your Calder suit.