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Craftsman Clothing

Craftsman Clothing are a luxury leather outerwear specialist, founded in 2015, who proudly handcraft their products in a small atelier in Hong Kong, in the south of Kowloon District. The compact surrounding area is a textile hub featuring many of the regions best tailors and garment producers. Utilising the skills of their artisans, paired with the highest quality Italian Lamb Suede, grained Lambskin and Spanish Calf Suede, Craftsman Clothing are able to provide the ultimate Made-To-Measure and Bespoke Outerwear service at the best value for money possible.

The brand draws much inspiration from vintage military outerwear, incorporating subtle tweaks in fit and design to ensure modernity and uniqueness. Blending this well-thought out design with luxury material, Craftsman Clothing's aesthetic delivers a functional garment that is timeless and hard wearing.

A variety of high end materials are available, focusing on two of Craftsman's beautifully executed house styles: the Hemingway Safari and Grant A-1 Bomber. There are a multitude of colour options in Lambskin leather, Lamb suede, and Calf suede including the opportunity for special orders in Exotics. For summer a special range of Linen, Cotton and other woven fabrics from England are also available - a Calder Sartoria exclusive. 

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Spacca Neapolis Ties

Vintage-Inspired Ties, Made by Hand in Naples

Headed up by Nicola Radano, a Neapolitan gentleman of social media fame, Spacca Neapolis focuses on a very specific and exclusive design aesthetic. 3-fold, untipped and only lightly ironed, the printed silk of Spacca Neapolis forms the most beautiful four-in-hand. When worn, one of their ties will flow and move in a way that emphasises the relaxed nature of the Neapolitan design and make. Nicola has used exclusive drawings in vintage style and colour, printed using the traditional Hand-Screen printing method. This guarantees a depth of colour and sharpness that is rarely seen. Spacca Neapolis is a must-have addition to the Sartorial wardrobe. The range is exclusively available in Australia at Calder Sartoria.

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TBD Eyewear

Timeless Frames, Made in Italy

Founded in 2015 by Italian Sartorial legend Fabio Attanasio, alongside business partner Andrea Viganò, The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear is, in their own words, "a patron of Italian excellence with the goal of meeting the demands of the most discerning customers around the world." The names of the collections come from the bespoke tailoring industry. TBD handcrafted sunglasses are inspired by a deep-rooted appreciation of quality and craftsmanship, guaranteed by the expert artisans of Cadore, Italy.

The acetate frames are extremely lightweight and provided by Mazzucchelli Varese – a historical Italian company and global leader in the production of acetate frames – and our lenses are also made in Italy to guarantee an incredible optical quality. Moreover, the entire collection consists of timeless accessories, mixing classic forms with a modern twist, represented by elegant frames and refined lenses. The hinges of TBD handmade in Italy sunglasses resemble a bow-tie picked from a vintage lot dating back to the 30s and feature four screws – rather than the usual two – tightened by hand. It is a long and costly construction, but they are not in the trade to compromise on quality. The range is exclusively available at the Calder Sartoria.

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Vanacore Napoli

Hand-Finished Shirts, Made in Naples

A relative newcomer on the shirt-making scene (EST. 2015), Vanacore Napoli has certainly entered the market with a bang. Supported by the likes of Italian Menswear aficionado Nicola Radano, and already stocked in some of the best department stores like Japan's Isetan.

Vanacore specialise in hand-finishing, and at the Calder Sartoria you will find their Made-To-Measure range featured alongside their own cloth selection exclusively by one of the best Italian cotton producers: Canclini. Vanacore's manufacturing process is overseen by highly skilled Italian labour in their small workshop in Naples. Patterns are cut by hand, with two levels of finishing: 4 Steps by hand (Buttons, Bar Tacks, Side Gusset, Armhole), and 9 Steps by hand (the aforementioned plus Buttonholes, Collar attachment, Yoke, Front Placket internal and external).

The Vanacore Napoli experience is truly unique in the Melbourne market, and exclusively available at the Calder Sartoria.

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Viola Milano

High-End Accessories.

Founded in Sweden in 2011, Viola Milano aims to bring a fresh, unique range of beautifully crafted accessories to a global market of menswear enthusiasts through their online store and a small selection of stockists worldwide. Most known for their Instagram, Viola Milano has created a huge following by showcasing their accessories in their natural habitat, alongside some of the best Neapolitan tailoring in the world.

At this point in time, Calder is the only retail stockist of Viola Milano in Melbourne, and one of only a few in Australia. I’ve chosen a curated selection of ties, pocket squares and accessories, selected with the idea of bringing something fresh and truly unique to the Melbourne menswear scene. Available to view by appointment at the Calder Showroom, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne.

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The best Gloves, Tees, Scarves and Knitwear you can buy.

Aaron Cheung is one of the most stylish guys in Melbourne, a lover of classic handmade menswear, and a great friend of Steve Calder. His brand was established to great critical acclaim in 2014, focusing on luxury handmade gloves and soon moving into other beautiful accessories.

Aaron's brand AARCH focuses on exclusive limited run high-end products, made for the everyday guy. With a successful Pop-Up collaboration in 2016, our partnership continues with beautiful handmade Aaron Cheung Gloves, Cashmere Scarves, Japanese Loopwheel T-Shirts and traditional Scottish knitwear available at the Calder Showroom.

Chad Prom Coat and Trousers

Chad prom

The most comfortable Sartorial garments you'll ever wear.

B & Tailor is known as South Korea's most famous tailoring house. Chad Park, the son of the founder of this house, decided in 2016 to fill a wide gap in the Ready-To-Wear market. At Chad Prom you will find beautifully cut garments, with a focus on extreme comfort and thoughtful details. The perfect pieces to wear with handmade tailoring.

Robinson Man Henley, Chad Prom Trousers

Robinson Man

Sustainable Cashmere Knitwear.

Founded in 2014 by Tina and Carol Barghout, Robinson Man is both a Multi-Brand Menswear store in Melbourne's inner South East, and a Sustainable Cashmere Specialist.

Their Cashmere fibres used in their knitwear are sourced in Outer Mongolia from nomadic Cashmere Goat herders of the Mongolian Plains. The yarns are spun and the knitwear is made locally, supporting the traditional eco-system in the region. This results in truly luxurious garments made with care and love. For Tina and Carol, who have travelled to Mongolia twice to meet the people behind the garments, it is important to go to these great lengths to ensure quality and confidence in their products.

Olof1982 Dandy Pocket Square

olof 1982

Artist-Drawn, Artisan Made.

Olof1982 is a Scandinavian accessories brand who have produced a thoughtful range of hand-rolled pocket squares. Each square features a design drawn by an artist from around the world, focusing on tasteful colours and a handful of themes: The Fox, The Dandy Man, Menswear and Travel.

As uniquely designed as they are, the Pocket Squares are also beautifully made. Screen-Printed and edge-rolled by hand in Maccesfield, England using a fine weave of Wool and Silk, you will not find anything like them anywhere other than Calder Sartoria.