About Steve Calder

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It all started with a SIMPLE IDEA...

I’m Steve Calder, owner of Calder Sartoria in Melbourne’s historic Nicholas Building.

After over a decade of working in menswear, I’d seen trends come and go and very few of them impressed me. I couldn’t help wondering why our choices in Australia were so limited. Why was it so hard to find traditionally made and uniquely styled garments here, with a reasonable price tag attached? 

The answer was simply that very few were offering it. I decided to change that.

Over the last few years I have been embarking on a sartorial pilgrimage that has had me travelling through the cities and small towns of Italy, Europe and the United States, my gaze trained on what the best dressed men around the world were wearing and what the best Menswear stores were offering. 


My travels and research led me to a small generations-old workshop of master tailors outside of Naples, Italy. Through our shared passion for traditional style and design, a strong relationship was quickly formed, and I realised here was a unique opportunity to bring something fresh and exciting to the gentlemen at home.

Together we set about designing the Calder "House Style."

The result: A traditionally Neapolitan garment (think soft, relaxed, masculine, and wearable in almost every environment) with unique design, extreme comfort and a focus on long-established artisan construction.

Naturally, the brand has grown from a simple Tailoring outfit, exploring other aspects of men's dress and always focusing on bringing to Australia the best of what the world has to offer.

 Calder Sartoria was born here - Napoli - arguably the heart of Italian tailoring.

Calder Sartoria was born here - Napoli - arguably the heart of Italian tailoring.

Why choose Calder?

With over 10 years in the menswear industry, I’ve garnered a passion not only for Italian-inspired Sartorialism, but also for genuinely looking after the style needs of my clients. This doesn’t simply mean providing a high quality product at an affordable price. I'm talking about real style consulting. I work diligently and professionally with each of my clients to determine the right colours for his skin tone, the best weight of fabric for the climate he lives in, and the optimal fibres to use in the cloth chosen to match his lifestyle. 

When a gentleman wears a Calder garment, it’s important to me that he feels it’s made specifically for him. And that when he’s stuck for style advice, he knows that a wealth of knowledge and personal advice is literally a phone call away.

To ensure authenticity and originality, and to uphold the style that only traditional artisans provide, I choose to work solely with family owned and run businesses. From my Neapolitan colleagues in their workshops in Italy, to the fabric mills and merchants who produce the cloth used for a Calder Suit. A Calder garment features a hand-cut pattern, a very high level of handwork, and is always fully canvassed.

All Calder designs are one-of-a-kind. Not copied. Simply created. Value for money is an integral part of my brand, and I will always maintain this ideal as Calder grows and expands.