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Made-To-Measure, Italian Style.

Featured in GQ Australia, Conde Nast Traveller China, and Plaza Uomo Sweden.

One of GQ's "Best Men's Stores in Melbourne."

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Lightweight and comfortable. TAIlored The neapolitan way.


The Calder Sartoria: Steve Calder presents his exclusive hand-finished Neapolitan tailoring, complemented by some of the best men's brands available on the market, all exclusive to Calder Sartoria. These include Made To Measure shirts by Vanacore Napoli and Leather Jackets by Craftsman, ties and accessories by Viola Milano, sunglasses by TBD Eyewear, Cashmere knitwear by Robinson Man, gloves and scarves by AARCH, and ties by Spacca Neapolis.

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Trunk Shows

The invitation

You’ll be invited into the Calder Showroom in Melbourne's CBD for a casual chat about your work and lifestyle so we can gauge the type of garment best suited to you - the style, the fit, the fabric colour and composition, durability and weight.

The cloth

We’ll curate a selection of high quality, exclusive fabrics for you to choose from, from only the best Mills and Merchants. Your selection of fabrics will be based on Steve Calder's years of experience and will be best suited to you.

The style

Next, we’ll define the cut and fit of the garments we've chosen to achieve the desired form.

The fitting

We’ll get you into a fitting garment to take measurements and make adjustments based on the type of look and feel we want to achieve. We take into account your posture, body shape and personal style, and will also take some photos of your frame and stance to accompany your measurements we send to our tailors.

The construction

Your made-to-measure garment will be sent to our Italian artisans based in Naples who will apply their generations of tradition and master workmanship to create your new garment. Patterns are hand-cut, and your garments will be made in line with the traditional methods of the Naples region.

The final touches

After construction and shipping (Approx. 6 weeks for Shirts, and 8 weeks for Suits) your garments will arrive very close to finished. We’ll invite you in to the Showroom to make final adjustments, ensuring the most comfortable fit and correct proportions, then we’ll send it to our expert local tailor for finalisation.

The finished piece

Your tailored garment - crafted specifically for you - returns ready for you to wear.

Suits and Shirts: The Process.


A premium tailoring service

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"Calder Sartoria gives a fresh approach to a rather tired industry full of the usual suspects."

— GQ Magazine Jan, 2017


The Calder style defined

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Calder is a Melbourne-based made-to-measure company focusing on the Neapolitan way of life. Understanding the Calder style begins with understanding the romantic, passionate mindset of the Southern Italian man. The climate is always warm. The food: fresh. The coffee: dark. And the habits: Ritualistic.

There’s a distinct appreciation in Italy's south for the finer things. One would note the extended lunches with friends and family, and the apparent refusal to live their lives bowing to deadlines. Among the locals living in towns bordering the Mediterranean Sea, there’s a distinct correlation between the ratio of work and play and golden tans.

Passion lies well defined in the love of women, craft, quality time, music and good times.

The Calder Man is confident, and takes pleasure exploring the value in living.